Exercise and weight loss

Target Audience

people aiming for weight loss


-Internet connection – PC / Laptop / Mobile / Tablet


2-3 times / week


50 minutes

Level of Difficulty

All fitness levels (individualisation)


Greek / English


Are you trying to reach or maintain the ideal weight for your height? Both diet and exercise can play a critical role to:

– maintain your ideal body weight

-lose excess body weight

-maintain successful weight loss

-lose body fat

The most important reason your weight increases is not so much the calories which you consume, through food and drink, but mainly the calories you don’t burn. It is important to balance the difference. As far as weight management is concerned, every human body is unique. Therefore, personalization in exercise is very important to achieve your personal goals.

To manage your weight, scientific evidence shows that exercise is your absolute ally, therefore personalization is absolutely necessary.

When talking about weight loss, what matters most is not the weight loss per se but most importantly the loss of fat and not muscle tissue. If you just lose weight, without incorporating regular exercise to your routine, you will probably lose muscle tissue together with fat. In fact, it has been estimated that for every kilo you lose, you lose about250 grams of muscle tissue.

In other words, if you lose 10 kilos from diet alone, you are facing a 2.5 kilos loss of muscle tissue, which is detrimental to your metabolism.

The benefits of personalized exercise:

– Improved body composition (more muscle – less fat)

– Improved overall physical fitness and condition

– Improved metabolism.

Even if your weight hasn’t change, you will have certainly lost body fat and build muscle tissue. You will look slimmer and healthier. It is common knowledge that the scales never tells the whole truth.

Personalized exercise is very important if we want safe, secure and permanent results. The mode, intensity and duration are very important for achieving your personal goals with safety.

At BALANCED we offer ONLY personalised exercise training even when you are following group exercise sessions. We do not put people in packages. Online exercise significantly reduces the cost but also the time spent moving to and from the gym. It is very important to remember that when we start something new our mind plays games and urges us to return to our old habits. The fact that you can be just a click away from your personal trainer brings you much closer to your goal.

The high quality exercise services that we provide are personalized, direct and targeted. At BALANCED your goals are our goals too. It is important to know that the contribution of a Nutritionist and a Psychologist together with the exercise sessions will help you maintain a healthy weight.

BALANCED collaborates with experienced and distinguished nutritionists/dieticians and psychologists, whose cooperation both with each other and with the personal trainer leads to excellent results!

Make the right decision! Solve the issue of your weight management for good, safely, in the most scientifically appropriate way!

You are just a click away from your goal!

You are just a click away from the quality of life that exercise can offer you!

Choose the perfect program for you and make a purchase.


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