Online Exercise

Target Audience

people aiming to improve their physical condition


-Internet connection – PC / Laptop / Mobile / Tablet


2-3 times / week


50 minutes

Level of Difficulty

All fitness levels (individualisation)


Greek / English



The idea of ​​”online exercise” is a new practice globally. Most of you became familiar during the difficult time of a lockdown period. The team of BALANCED and especially Mrs. Matina Koutroumpis, is here to assure you but also to show you in practice that the benefits of an online personal trainer outweighs by far the disadvantages. An important first advantage is the cost-effectiveness of such an approach. A second very important advantage, among the many-many more, is that the results of an online exercise training programme are real, detectable and measurable.

All of you, busy friends, who very logically and justifiably say that you do not have time to go to the gym, now have the opportunity to just click on your computer and give yourself a better quality of life. Because that is what exercise does: improves quality of life.

A very interesting choice on your part is to participate in an online exercise group, which, in addition to lower prices, offers you a more enjoyable experience while exercising. It has also been proven that those who participate in a group exercise session are more consistent and look forward to connect with the rest of the group. So more benefits…

You save time. Since exercise sessions do not require your physical presence in a specific place, you can choose to exercise wherever you want. Are you someone that doesn’t have much free time and are in a hurry? Do you get frustrated having to drive in traffic to reach the gym? It is a great privilege and an extra bonus that online exercise can be done at home, at the office, at the hotel, in nature…

Another very important advantage is that wherever you choose to you live, for example in a big city, in the countryside, on a quiet island, in another country, or even on another continent, you always have access to a high quality exercise services that you might not otherwise be able to have in your area.

With online exercise, we have witnessed an increase and an improvement of the communication between a trainee and his/hers personal trainer. Just think about: How often did you communicate with your personal trainer outside the gym? Now with the use of technology and online exercise you can text your personal trainer at any time. Technology offers you open communication lines.

In addition, online exercise is cheaper in a broadest sense. It is also very important to mention that online exercise is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Since avoiding moving to and from the gym – by car, train, taxi or bus – we reduce our carbon footprint and we also save money on fuel or bus and train tickets.

For us, the team of BALANCED, covid-19 was just an opportunity to offer to larger scale online exercise training services. Mrs. Koutroumpis has been providing this service extensively for the last 5 years globally.

The most important thing is that at BALANCED the high quality exercise services that we provide are personalized, direct and targeted. Our sole aim is to improve the trainee’s physical condition while in a safe environment.

You can join us to set your personal goals and needs and we will help you improve your fitness even if we don’t live on the same continent.

Exercise eliminates the problem of distance, space and time!

There is no reason why you should not try it. Your exercise is just a click away!

You are just a click away from the quality of life that exercise can offer you!

Choose the perfect program for you and make a purchase.


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