Exercise and relaxation

Target Audience

people aiming to relax


-Internet connection – PC / Laptop / Mobile / Tablet


2-3 times / week


50 minutes

Level of Difficulty

All fitness levels (individualisation)


Greek / English


When we sit on the couch or when we sleep, our body doesn’t rest, nor relax. How many times have you had enough sleep but you wake up tired? Muscle relaxation is something we achieve with specialized exercise protocols.

When you are stressed, there is a good chance that your muscles are tensed. This is because the muscles tighten when you are physically or emotionally stressed. Participating in a specialized exercise program can also calm your mind and soul. While stretching the muscles your mind is focusing on the exercise and your mind takes a mental break. By relieving muscle tension, you help your body to relax and sleep better.

Research has shown that the more flexible you are physically; you are also more likely to be mentally flexible. When you are under constant pressure, it is difficult to maintain an optimistic outlook on life.

At Balanced we offer personalized relaxation exercise programs. Online exercise reduces not only the cost but the time we spent to travel to and from the gym. The high quality exercise services that we provide are personalized, direct and targeted. Our sole aim is to improve the trainee’s physical condition while in a safe environment.

You are just a click away from the quality of life that exercise can offer you!

Choose the perfect program for you and make a purchase.


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