Exercise and balance

Target Audience

people aiming to improve balance


-Internet connection – PC / Laptop / Mobile / Tablet


2-3 times / week


50 minutes

Level of Difficulty

All fitness levels (individualisation)


Greek / English


Balance is a fundamental aspect of every move you make. Actually, when you stand on both feet, you maintain your balance, even if you are not conscious of it. Observe how a child is learning to stand, and you will realize that balance is a challenge.

When we balance, we do not only “work” the often neglected muscles of our body. We also improve our stability as well as our inner focus and concentration. As we grow older, the ability to balance decreases. For example, standing on one leg with one’s eyes closed is a critical indicator for longevity depending on the amount of time a person can balance on one leg.

Balance is a complex skill that requires cooperation between the brain, the nervous system and the muscles. If you neglect to exercise your balance, the coordination between these three systems can be significantly reduced over time. Then, possibly it will become much more difficult for you to stay upright and maintain the correct body posture. Exercise training focusing on balance will improve your body’s musculoskeletal system, your posture, and your neuromuscular coordination. As a result you will be able to move more elegantly, but most importantly you will reduce the risk of falls, which are very common but also very dangerous and painful. But even if you fall, the protective mechanisms of the body due to the adaptations from the exercise training, intuitively and without you having to think about it, will take action and the fall is most often painless.

This service is not only important for older people. Even if you are young, having this unconscious awareness, allows you to feel more confident while moving through your surrounding environment, but most importantly it can help you get away with minor injuries in case of a serious fall such as from a bicycle, motorcycle, etc. Balancing exercises can also be very helpful to those who do sports or have a hobby such as running or tennis, where short, sharp and dynamic movements are required.

At Balanced we offer personalized balance exercise programs as it has been shown to be the most ideal way to achieving your personal goals that we set on our first meeting. Online exercise either personal or in a group reduces for the trainee both the cost and the travel time. After all, time is money. The high quality exercise services that we provide are personalized, direct and targeted. Our sole aim is to improve the trainee’s physical condition. Click now and come one step closer to a better quality of life and longevity.

You are just a click away from the quality of life that exercise can offer you!

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