Session with a Dietician



√ Individual appointment
√ Personalization
√ 50 minutes / per session
√ Consulting


My motto has always been the word BALANCE! As a human being but also as a scientist I believe in balance as a factor of good health and well-being. Recent data estimates that lack of exercise and poor nutrition are responsible for at least 400,000 deaths a year.

In our DNA we have inherited a genome that is programmed for daily physical activity and a diet high in fibre. However, most of us believe that our genes are responsible for our health issues or illnesses. However, according to resent research, a more appropriate interpretation is that the genetic factors predispose the individual, but the environmental factors determine whether a disease will occur. These environmental factors are largely lifestyle factors, such as physical activity, diet as well as smoking, alcohol consumption and stress.

We are what we eat and the benefits of a healthy diet are as numerous as the benefits of exercise, making the two together a powerful recipe for quality of life and well-being. That is why in our team there is a Nutritionist who can suggest either just a balanced diet plan or a diet plan for weight management. But the most important thing is that for each individual goal that we set with exercise, our Nutritionist can suggest the foods that will benefit us and those that should definitely be avoided.

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