Exercise in a group- 1 session



In a group of 6
50 minutes
Educating you on safety limits while exercising


The concept of ​​”online exercise” is quite new. Most of you got familiar with online services during the difficult lockdown period. The team of BALANCED and especially Mrs. Matina Koutroumpis, are here to assure you, but also to show you in practice, that the benefits of an online personal trainer outweighs by far the disadvantages. An important first advantage is the cost-effectiveness, a second very important advantage, among the many many more, is the fact that the benefits of online exercise are real, detectable and measurable.

All of you, our busy friends, who very logically and justifiably say that you do not have time to go to the gym, you now have the opportunity to just press your computer button and give yourself a better quality of life. That’s what exercise does: improves quality of life. A very interesting choice on your part is to participate in an online exercise group, which, in addition to lower prices than personal sessions, offers you an even more enjoyable experience. Research shows, that those who participate in group online exercise sessions are more consistent with exercise and look forward to the time of the appointment.

You save time. Since exercise sessions are online, you can choose to exercise wherever you want. You do not have much free time? Are you in a hurry? You do not want to cross the entire city to get to the gym? Online exercise can to be done at home, at the office, at the cottage, by the sea or in the mountain.

Another very important advantage is that wherever you have chosen to live, either in a big city, in the countryside, on a quiet island, in another country, or even on another continent, you always have access to high quality exercise services that you might not otherwise be able to have in your area.

With online exercise, it has been proven that the communication between a trainee and a personal trainer improves greatly. Just consider: How often did you communicate with your trainer when not at the gym? Now with the use of technology you can send a message to your personal trainer at any time. THE Internet connection keeps communication lines always open. In addition, online exercise is cost effective. It is very important to mention that it is an environmentally friendly service, since avoiding moving to and from the gym by car, public transport, or a taxi, we reduce our carbon footprint and moreover we save money on fuel or tickets.

For BALANCED, covid-19 was just a motive to offer online training services on a larger scale. Mrs. Koutroumpis has been providing this service extensively for at least 5 years both abroad, as well as in various parts of Greece. After all, she is absolutely familiar with this type of exercise services due to her extensive experience while living abroad.

Most importantly at BALANCED we believe in providing high quality services, while the exercise program is personalized, direct and targeted, with the sole aim of improving your fitness level with safety.

You can join us to set your personal goals and needs, and help you improve your fitness levels even if we live in different countries or even continents.

Online exercise eliminates distances, space and time differences!

There is no reason why you should not try it. On the contrary there are many reasons to give it a go!

Your exercise is just a click away!

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