My name is Matina Koutroumpi, I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist - Professor of Physical Education with a Master's and Doctoral degree.

I have been involved with exercise since a very young age. As a track and field athlete I fell in love with exercise and became addicted.

I studied at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-Greece. 

In search of further knowledge about the human body and its functions, I obtained a Master’s degree in “Exercise and Health Science” from the University of Bristol-UK. As part of my studies, I worked at the National Health Service in England, at Bristol Hospital, as the person in charge of planning and supervising exercise cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Furthermore, I continued my studies, researching on the “effect of exercise on health” for which I was awarded a PhD from the Medical School of Athens-Greece. 

The most important achievement in my course of studies is the certification as a “Clinical Exercise Physiologist” by the largest exercise organization in the world, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). 

As part of my continuous development, I actively participate in medical conferences as a speaker, publish in international and Greek scientific journals and am a member of scientific societies related to exercise and health. 

On returning to Greece from England in 2001, I worked for 13 years in major Hospitals of Greece in both the Private and Public Sector as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Everyone has the right to exercise:

I am a personal trainer, trained to design one’s own personalized exercise program, as each person requires different needs. The human body is an amazing and fascinating organism, which works best when it moves systematically. 

I am here to design your personalized exercise program, in order to meet the body’s innate need, since we are “designed to move”. Together we can improve your fitness and wellness.

In addition, I consider it my responsibility to explain to you the unique abilities and needs of your body, so that you can learn to love it.

Everyone has the right to exercise. However, there is a whole science behind it, and one needs to learn the know-how. When to exercise, how to exercise and how much to exercise are key elements of an exercise programme. Therefore, make an appointment free of charge, to discuss your personal needs in exercising correctly and safely. 

Work experience: 

  • General Hospital of Athens “O Evangelismos“. Intensive Care Clinic – Cardiopulmonary exercise testing and rehabilitation laboratory 
  • General Hospital of Athens “Attikon“. 2nd Cardiology Clinic – Exercise testing and cardiac rehabilitation
  • Hygeia Private Hospital. Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation- Exercise rehabilitation 

Member of scientific societies 

  • National Program “Exercise is Medicine Greece” (Exercise is Medicine Greece)
  • Hellenic Society of OccupationalSpirometryand Rehabilitation (ELERGA) 
  • PanhellenicAssociation of Sports and Exercise Professionals (P.S.E.A.A.) 
  • Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology (EEVFA)
  • Hellenic Diabetes Society (EDE)
  • Society for the Study of Risk Factors for Vascular Diseases (NTUA)
  • National Network ofFallsand Fractures (FNN Greece) 
  • EuropeanRespiratorySociety (ERS) 
  • European Union for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (EACPR)

Institutions and companies of work experience -Institutions and organizations of studies and certifications-Member of scientific societies 

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